About Us

TRIBUIANO & YAMADA was founded on the belief that clients are entitled to individual attention and should receive immediate responses to questions and concerns. Our firm takes great pride in keeping our clients informed throughout the life of a case by taking the simple, but often forgotten, approach of returning phone calls and by providing our clients with updates as to the status of their case. Too many law firms treat clients as a case number with a lack of focus on results that best represent the client’s individual and unique needs.

TRIBUIANO & YAMADA takes a common sense approach to litigation through open lines of communication, professionalism, trust and respect to provide our clients with the representation they deserve.  We believe our clients deserve quick and efficient approaches to resolving a case with a focus on minimizing costs and maximizing results.

We are committed to forming long lasting relationships with our clients based on understanding your individual needs, as well as your short and long-term goals.  For a free, confidential consultation, contact TRIBUIANO & YAMADA today at (916) 333-5000.

Se habla espanol.